Paris' Finest

Our AW18 Récif collection in the latest issue of PARIS' FINEST, an exclusive "haute de gamme" magazine, available all over the world in the best luxury locations!

Collection Pepites

Pepites is a very special collection, whose inspiration is due to the ancient and fascinating legend of the Grigna, a historic mountain surrounded by the mystery of Lake Como.

The legend tells of the Larignus, small gnomes that in the time of the times decided to break the historic spell of Grigna.

Since the beautiful warrior had been turned into a mountain, the gnomes wanted to turn her back into a graceful princess by using the power of the magic nuggets in the underlying "Cortabbio di Primaluna" mine.

In the night the Larignus had to escape into the nearby woods to run away from a local witch who - having heard of their plan - decided to scare them with incredible magic games, thus making the quarry sterile forever.

In the rush of escape, the Larignus lost many precious nuggets that fell scattered on the ground, being swallowed and hidden by nature for a long time.


Proposed in this wonderful collection, it is said that the nuggets - if worn by people with a gentle soul - can destroy the spell, giving back to the little Larignus the hope of carrying out their heroic enterprise.

Bijoux contemporains, une passion

We are so proud to have been mentioned in "Bijoux contemporains, une passion : Collection de Solange Thierry-de-Saint Rapt", the latest book by Chantal Bizot and Nadine Coleno.

The Solange Thierry-de-Saint Rapt's contemporary jewelry collection is one of the most important in Europe, if not the most important in terms of quality and diversity. Through rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, it hosts the most imaginative, demanding and creative creations of contemporary jewel artisans, counting about 180 creators and a surprising variety of materials, shapes and experiments.

Showroom SS19

Live from our Atelier in Paris: here a preview of the presentation of our SS19 as well as the new collections of our friend Colomba Leddi.

Photo by Pierre Chancy 

Show of Guy Laroche - SS19

Glad to have been involved in the realization for the latest show of Guy Laroche...

what an amazing and sparkling night!

Maison & Objet

We are present at the Salon Maison & Objet, September 7-11.


You can already take a look at our online profile and discover the new collections that will be on display at the fair.

Photo by Pierre Chancy 

Show of Givenchy... 

Glad to have been involved in the realization for the latest show of Givenchy... what an amazing and sparkling night!

Alter Ego

Until 13/07 a selection of exclusive pieces from our brand new collection will be on display at "Petit Monde 2", the latest exposition of the talented photographer Pierre Chancy.


 ALTER EGO - Musée des Mondes Imaginaires

20, rue J.B. Rigaud-Sauvigny

Marigny sur Yonne (Corbigny)

Huit de Coeur

A selection of some important pieces from our collections Dina and Galets is available at « Huit de Cœur », a designer jewelry shop in rue Sophie Germain, 14ème arrondissement, Paris.

A unique space where Raja Khomsi, the owner, has managed to combine her passion for jewellery together with her love for art.

Exibition Matsuya Ginza

The Matsuya Ginza boutique of the prestigious H.P. France Group has organized a monographic  exhibition / sale event with the works of Stefano Poletti.

On the occasion of the event some selected pieces of the designer's historical collections will be on sale, in addition to the presentation of the current collections for the SS18 season.

The works will be on show until April 24th.

Café San Marco

In the latest Café San Marco commercial you will see the cup that Stefano Poletti designed in collaboration with the brand. San Marco advertising will be on TV from April 15th to May 6th with a 15 "movie on all channels of France Television and on BFM TV with a special day on April 16th.

Brilliant: The Story of Atelier Swarovski

We are so proud to have been mentioned in "Brilliant: the story of Atelier Swarovski", the latest book by Swarovski and Condé Nast to celebrate a decade of creativity, spirit of collaboration and innovation!


Launched in 2007 by Nadja Swarovski, Atelier Swarovski is is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and an innovative business which collaborates with high-profile and cutting-edge designers.


Stefano Poletti had a creative partnership with Atelier Swarovski in 2013 and designed a collection inspired by the world of nature and tropical vegetation.

One of the most appreciated piece above all was  the Clerodendrum cuff, where the beauty of crystals combines with the sparkling of light to create a unique effect of interaction with the incredible perfection of their cut.

The collection had a great success and some of its pieces are now considered  very rare and "iconic" by the jewel collectors and experts.


Photo by Pierre Chancy 

Showroom A/H 2018/19  

Live from our Atelier in Paris: here a preview of the presentation of our A/H 2018/19 as well as the new collections of our friends Laetitia Michal, Buki Akomolafe and Nada Quenze. Thank you for joining us!


Photo by Pierre Chancy 

Maison & Object Fair

The Vintage Colletor's Fair

This weekend discover our collections at  The Vintage Collector‘s Fair, the exclusive event created by Catherine Lecomte for international dealers, collectors and amateurs of luxury and lifestyle! See you there!  

from November 30th to December 2nd.



112 Rue de Faubourg Saint Honoré  Paris

🏻Salons Versailles et Élisé

Remembering Azzedine


Showroom SS18 - Preview

Live from our Atelier in Paris: here a preview of the presentation of our SS18 as well as the new collections of our friends Colomba LeddiLaetitia Michal, and Ursula. Thank you for joining us!


Photo by Pierre Chancy  

Collection Etincelles

Complex metal structure.

A technical feat of assembly, memory of the Eiffel Tower and its thousand sparks that dress it at night.


Photo by Pierre Chancy 

The Jewel in the Fashion System 

Stefano Poletti is cited in the latest publication of the jewel of Bianca Cappello

"The Jewel in the Fashion System" - Skira Editore.

Collection Kubik

Wood beads entirely hand-painted and hand-crafted.

An astonishing optical effect, a tribute to Pavel Janak, Czech architect and designer, theorist in the 1920s of Rondocubism.


Photo by Pierre Chancy 

Collection Le Levant

"Corals" at Ginza Six

On April 20th, at the inauguration of "GINZA SIX", the new fashion mall built in the heart of Tokyo, Stefano Poletti presented "CORALS", his latest project for the window fitting of HPFrance.


The creative soul of the artist has uniquely represented the eclectic nature of "GINZA SIX", a strategic area for fashion business thanks to its 241 world-renowned brands located on 47,000 square meters of the complex, interpreting the sense of loss, wealth and diversity of one of the more representative Japanese districts for integration, renewal and identity.


 The idea of “CORALS” is born from a constant dialogue between innovation and recovery of the cultural tradition, with a strong reference to the Dina collection and the coral candlestick. The showcase is like a large forest made of standing corals coming from their natural habitat, the sea, to the urban jungle of the metropolis, defining a singular space where visitors can get lost and find themselves.

 Matilde Brâncuși

Collection Galets

Showroom A/H 2017 - 2018 - Preview

Live from our Atelier in Paris: here a preview of the presentation of our A/H 2017 - 2018 as well as the new collections of our friends Colomba Leddi, Rose's Roses and Imp of the Roses. Thank you for joining us!


Photo by Pierre Chancy  

Terre Rare Gallery 

Stefano Poletti and Marianne Olry


Among Vegetable and Mineral

Evolution of the jewel Among handmade, fashion and design

Pierre Chancy photos

Collezione Naialux

Showroom SS17 - Preview

Live from our Atelier in Paris: here a preview of the presentation of our SS 17 as well as the new collections of our friends Colomba Leddi, Rose's Roses and Imp of the Roses. Thank you for joining us!

Collection Metropolis

Introducing Metropolis, Stefano Poletti’s new jewellery collection for fall-winter 2016. The graphic elegance of the art deco era is at rendez-vous with a bold retro futuristic style always timeless, perfect for evening wears.

This collection use mirror polished metal for high light shine. These bijoux are like physics instruments to catch the invisible forces and magnetics power fields around us ! 

Collection Chanvre


During his lecture at the Venice School of Fine Arts for the course in Jewelry Design Stefano Poletti has shown his career as a creative since the 80’s till today.

At the end of his speech he has reviewed a series of prototypes made by the students giving some valuable advice and suggestions showing his personal point of view.


Stefano Poletti celebrates its first thirty years of creativity with a series of exclusive exhibitions in four different places in Japan: an accurate selection of 46 collections created since 1986 to present the most significant moments of its production, costantly seeking new and different materials.

On this tour are on display more than 200 jewelry to witness the originality and imagination with which this artist continues to interpret his love for nature with lightness, elegance and poetry.


1F Shin –Marunouchi BLD. 1-5-1 Marunouchi-Chiyoda-Ku 100-6501 Tokyo

18h30 – 20h30

15.April. 2016



2F Shinjuku-Takashimaya 5-24-2 Sendagaya-Shibuya-Ku 151-8580 Tokyo


16.April. 2016

H.P.Boutique Kobe  (アッシュペーブチック神戸)

1F Kaigan BLD. 3-1-5 Kaigan-Dori-Chuo-Ku 650-0024 Hyogo


17.April. 2016


H.P.FRANCE Boutique Umeda

3F Daimaru-Umeda 3-1-1 Umeda- Kita-Ku Osaka-city 530-8202 Osaka


20.April. 2016


1F Marunouchi BLD. 2-4-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-Ku 100-6301 Tokyo

Stefano Poletti, a materials wizard, is this season’s Fashion Jewellery Talent.


Stefano’s main sources of inspiration come from the materials that he works with, twisting, ageing, engraving, hammering and burning. He brings out the delicate transparency of glass, the veining and grain of wood and the complex structure of sponge. His collections whisk you away to Lake Como and other regions of his native Italy, his prime source of inspiration.                                              Read more

Three new Lampe Berger are born. The collection is called "Light" and it is realized in cut crystal and hand made twisted metal.