Having developed a passion for design since his teenage years in Milan, the birthplace of Italian design, Stefano Poletti is interested in creating beautiful and useful objects he can impregnate with his own magic.


His discovery of Murano glass is essential. The transparency and fragility of this material lead him to offer a great variety of jewels, and then to transform them into "poetical" objects.


His imagination stimulates his desire to create new objects, into whose design he puts all his enthusiasm.

The remarkable «Chenonceau» mirror has been used in the decoration of town houses in Paris and the design of shops in Tokyo.


Either by shape, theme or materials, the objects Stefano Poletti creates are often linked to his jewellery collections and have similar light organic shapes. The candle-holder «Corail», the lamp «Verger», the egg cup «Coucou», the collection «Alchimia», the mirror «Chenonceau» are marked with the same sensitivity.


Above all, Stefano Poletti's creations are playful and functional objects which stand against an intellectualized conception of design. This is how he worked with firms like SegafredoLampe BergerDaumPoiray and other great French glassworks.