About the logo 

... comes from my passion for Kandinsky paintings, the idea of an essential sign, which would be  exclusive between esoteric and  artistic. At first what I loved about it was  the anonymity. I  did not want to use any name, just a logo and this geometric cartouche perfectly represented my idea of  ”brand".

At First I had always drawn it by hand as a signature on my work, then it became a "seal" during a trip to Hong Kong where I encountered their ideograms, I found a curious affinity with the sign that I had chosen. The Chinese have always used  jade seals with engraving to sign their documents. And there, in Hong Kong,  in a small shop of stamps and seals I had my logo engraved in jade. A real "seal" that emphasizes the artisan quality of my work and its unique originality. The precious red lacquer color is a sign of continuity with this millenial tradition. My Early works were signed one by one with this seal. Then with the launch of my line Stefano Poletti Bijoux and the first sales succes , I had it reproduced in  series yet deliberately keeping the typical irregularities of the sign.