Poletti's Spirit

In 2000 Stefano Poletti moved to La Fontaine au Roi St., Paris.

There his study, workshop, showroom and offices are gathered in luxuriant vegetal environment bathing in light. It is a haven of peace in a Parisian cul-de-sac where he can recharge his batteries and go on creating...


Gifted with a lot of imagination and a lavish creativity, Stefano Poletti works in a great variety of styles with materials as different as burnt wood, metal strings, Plexiglass®, Venetian mirror, semi-precious stones and Murano glass beads. 

At the core of his work is his passion for materials. He likes to change styles and loves challenges. His creations, although varied and sometimes peculiar, always have a touch of poetic delicacy.


His Lake Como house, not far from his native Milan, is a secluded place where Nature appears to him as an never-ending inspiration.  

His childhood memories often bring him back to Venice where he marvelled at the sight of the enchanted blow of the Murano glass artists. Now a Parisian by adoption, he enjoys turning his flourishing ideas into jewels.

Stefano Poletti's creations deal with the mineral and the vegetable. The winter mist and the spring flower inspire him his creations, which often start with a melting transparency, mouth-blown by the craftsmen of Murano island.


This way were born collections with suggestive names, such as «Brina», «Eden», «Lave», «Le banquet de Neptune» and «Botanicus», a collection bearing an ecological message where elements as simple and humble as a cord, a metal string, a blown-glass ball and a sprig of ivy form into a living jewel. The grace, transparency and fragility of glass bring Stefano Poletti's innovative creations the extra touch of meaning and the poetic feel that he is fond of.


Most of the time, the creative process begins with designing earrings or a ring and ends with the design of an object.

Stefano Poletti's craftsmanship gives to his creations a soul and a unity. Nothing is set for good. The lightness and transparency obtained through the taming of materials in a spontaneous gesture reveal the magic of the creation : a treasure telling a story and opening onto an unknown dream...


Many haute couture designers, as different as Christian Lacroix, Hanae Mori, Jean-Louis Scherrer, among others, ask Stefano Poletti to accessorize their collections. They find in him a kinship of spirit ready to serve their imagination. His flaming, very "couture" creations fit perfectly into their worlds.


Renowned luxury companies, such as Poiray, Daum and other great glassworks, appreciate his unconventional art and often appeal to him. He has thus become a regular and enthusiast contributor to high-quality projects where he sprinkles drops of the Poletti spirit.