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Our jewels are hand made in small limited edition to give a unique and special effect for every occasion.

Collection Kubik

Wood beads entirely hand-painted and hand-crafted.

An astonishing optical effect, a tribute to Pavel Janak, Czech architect and designer, theorist in the 1920s of Rondocubism.

Perles de bois entièrement façonnées et peintes à la main.

Un effet optique étonnant, hommage à Pavel Janak, architecte et designer tchèque, théoricien, dans les années 20, du Rondocubisme.

Sfere di legno completamente lavorate e dipinte a mano.

Un effetto ottico sorprendente, omaggio a Pavel Janak, architetto e designer cecoslovacco, teorico, negli anni 20, del Rondocubismo.

Collection Etincelles

Complex metal structure.

A technical feat of assembly, memory of the Eiffel Tower and its thousand sparks that dress it at night.

Structure metallique complexe.

Une prouesse technique d’assemblage, souvenir de la Tour Eiffel et de ses milles étincelles qui l’habillent la nuit venue.

Struttura metallica complessa.

Un’exploit d’assemblaggio, souvenir della Tour Eiffel e delle mille scintille che la vestono all’arrivo della sera.

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