"Corals" at Ginza Six

On April 20th, at the inauguration of "GINZA SIX", the new fashion mall built in the heart of Tokyo, Stefano Poletti presented "CORALS", his latest project for the window fitting of HPFrance.


The creative soul of the artist has uniquely represented the eclectic nature of "GINZA SIX", a strategic area for fashion business thanks to its 241 world-renowned brands located on 47,000 square meters of the complex, interpreting the sense of loss, wealth and diversity of one of the more representative Japanese districts for integration, renewal and identity.


 The idea of “CORALS” is born from a constant dialogue between innovation and recovery of the cultural tradition, with a strong reference to the Dina collection and the coral candlestick. The showcase is like a large forest made of standing corals coming from their natural habitat, the sea, to the urban jungle of the metropolis, defining a singular space where visitors can get lost and find themselves.

 Matilde Brâncuși